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Can Personal Media Coexist with Social Media?


Can Personal Media Coexist with Social Media?

Anyone managing a social media account (or accounts) has heard that “A successful marketing campaign requires reaching your audience with the right message at the right time and that in order to do that, you need to focus on the channels with the largest audience base.”

But the more crowded a party becomes… the noisier it gets.

Sure, if you’re telling a better story, speaking louder than everyone else or talking more frequently than most — more people are bound to hear you. However, being “heard” by more people doesn’t necessarily equate with being heard by the RIGHT people.

Your odds of reaching the “right audience” are better in a venue with more people but just because there are a ton of people in a packed arena on a Saturday night, doesn’t necessarily mean they’re interested in listening to you.

As any sniper would admit, more targets doesn’t equate with the right targets.

A message is better received when it’s targeted to a specific audience comprised of the people who want to hear that message in the first place.

As the marketing and advertising firm Stunt & Gimmick’s puts it “Long before content marketing was a buzzword, we had decided that the best way to reach people was by giving them what they wanted — great content that was useful…” and I couldn’t agree more.

Similar to television broadcasting networks, social media networks carefully calculate which messages their users receive based on a constellation of previous online behavior and algorithms used to govern their monetized message delivery systems…which is a very intelligent way of determining what people want and delivering it to them.

Personal media, however, allow users themselves to determine whose which media (or whose messages) they receive. Hawser Inboxes (our new personal media and messaging app launched last month) not only empowers users to “be the algorithm” it also guarantees that every single one of the messages they want delivered is not only delivered… it’s organized and then made available on-demand. All without users having to do anything other than connect with other users.

Advertisers have historically directed their messages to wherever the attention of consumers/potential customers is focused. It’s why billboard space on the most heavily traveled roads is more expensive than billboard space on a less traveled road and why the most popular social media networks are rife with promoted posts, sponsored content and native ads.

But what if advertisers, businesses and beloved brands were to be the pioneers of a new platform instead of track and chase it? Would their inner circle of loyal customers and die hard fans follow? Or would this necessitate a tectonic shift within the entire marketing paradigm?

Granted, adopting a more active approach to marketing like this would be quite a departure from the more conventional reactive strategies firms and businesses seem to adopt but…in an age where consumers are able to obtain an unprecedented amount of data in the blink of an eye — and are less apt to making more emotional purchases; perhaps advertisers, businesses and brands can see the value in diversifying the time and energy spent on ubiquitous posts that ensure relevancy and discoverability to now include taking the initiative to opening the door to directly connections with those loyal customers who have been already been converted. After all, loyalty is a plant that requires constant watering.

Hawser Inboxes is the most efficient and user-friendly personal media platform since email. A reset button for some and for others, an opportunity to turn down the noise and escape the bloat of social with the ability to decide precisely who enters their inner circle and whose messages they’ll receive — instead of a network’s algorithm deciding for them.

Social media rules and no one will debate that — but the reality is, most of us understand social media a lot more now than we did ten years ago and are gradually seeing more channels that cater to users’ diversified interests that range from networking to novelty.

Five years ago, most of us had never even heard of an “algorithm” (and the powers of an intelligently designed algorithm are still far beyond my comprehension) but regardless of how intelligent the code is behind the UI, social media is still media and not messaging.

We enjoy having public media platforms where anyone can say or sell just about anything…and we accept the inherent negative aspects that accompany such accessibility…namely: obligatory “Likes” and the decorum that directs us to accept “friend” requests from people we know but don’t particularly like…not to mention the subsequent necessity to scroll endlessly past unwanted posts and interruptions from advertisers in order to get to the good stuff we really want.

scrollin' scrollin' scrollin'

Of course that endless scrolling often results in the pleasure of discovering something interesting or amusing or so random that we otherwise wouldn’t have found… but some have grown to hate it. For many, the endless scrolling has become more than a Pavlovian behavior, it has become the defining reason social media is the medium we love to hate.

Maslow's Hammer

From The Hawser Inboxes Blog Post: “Maslow’s Hammer” | Josh Sapienza

Love it or hate it or love to hate it, social media is the world’s new favorite pastime and consequently, the best value in advertising the world has ever known.

Without it, most of us would never have even heard of (or be able to keep up with) some of our favorite brands, bands, charities and retailers.

One of the most significant differences that sets social media apart from other forms of mass media like: newspapers, television, radio and magazines is that literally everyone with an internet connection gets to contribute. That open contribution creates an incredible opportunity for those who don’t have millions of dollars to spend on 30 sec. ads during the Super Bowl and, at the same time, an incredible obstacle for those who don’t have the time, money or marketing expertise to work through the ever-changing algorithm-driven monetized delivery systems.

Sure you can take classes, attend seminars, read books or hire folks to work the bloated system for you…and you’ll experience the benefits of an increased reach. But that reach is only increased marginally and although a marginally increased reach builds brand awareness exponentially; there’s no guarantee that your messages are reaching the people, whom you know, actually want to receive them.

Our efforts have been misinterpreted as trying to replace social media with Hawser Inboxes but that’s not the case at all. We’re introducing Hawser Inboxes as a supplement to social media that can facilitate a more holistic online media strategy. We believe social media is imperative to any and every business or organization from CBD’s Mom & Pop shops to Fortune 500 companies. But in an age where customers’ options are seemingly endless; there is a real value in being able to directly connect with those social followers who have already been converted into loyal customers.

We don’t believe we are naïve in thinking that there is a significant portion of the online population that will embrace both the traditional crowded mainstream channels that deliver a customized media experience as well as a more personalized interest-based channel that increases the amount of control they have in their of own media experiences.

balanced holistic media strategy with Hawser

It’s not just a “reset button” we’re offering. Hawser Inboxes is an alternate channel for the things people more than “Like”. Its an channel for the things they Love.

Hawser Inboxes for bands

In fact, we can’t help but liken the potential coexistence between social media and personal media to that which exists between broadcast syndicated television networks and their on-demand counterparts like: Netflix, Hulu and Roku… or their adoption of making their own programming available on-demand.

It hasn’t been easy pitching a smaller more intimate venue when so many millions of jobs and billions of dollars are generated by (and spent on) the promotion of social networks whose product is, much like their early-day television predecessors, essentially network managed broadcasts where the viewer ultimately sees what the network wants them to see…and their customers grow more and more accustomed to the increase in largely unwanted advertising that interrupts their viewing pleasure.

But the surging popularity of on-demand entertainment offerings, the increased number of restaurants adopting customizable menu items and the fact that text messaging still remains the most widely used means of communication among all mobile users- serve as compelling indicators of a significant demand for a new approach to media like Hawser Inboxes — where users can connect with the people and organizations that are most important to them unlike ever before.

As Nick Denton of ‘Gawker’ recently put it in an interview with Jeanine Poggi of Ad Age at SXSW:

“If I was doing it again, I’d make it even more personal…the more competitive digital media gets, the more noisy everything is, the more people are competing for attention the more important it is for people to step back and to recognize what it is about the internet that makes it special. Which is the ability for people to have a conversation…talking with people with as much authenticity as they can.

It’s the natural life cycle of the internet. You know when the blogs started, a bit more than a decade ago, they were a reaction to not just to stuffy traditional media, but they were a reaction to the commercialization of the portals and how the internet in the dot com boom got too commercial. So I’m waiting for another reaction like that. Another swing in the cycle. I’m really interested, myself in conversation. In messaging…”

We’re inviting marketing, PR, and media management & distribution firms to bring their clients with the most loyal followings aboard Hawser Inboxes to let their biggest fans decide whether or not a direct connection, that ensures they never miss another update, is a good thing.

You can learn more about Hawser Inboxes, the benefits of supplementing your social media activity with personal media or create your own Hawser Inbox and invite your fans to connect today at


Hawser Inboxes for Restaurants


Hawser Inboxes for Restaurants

Using Hawser Inboxes is not only a great way for charities, retail shops, brands, bands and teams to connect directly with their own members and biggest's also the most efficient way for restaurants & bars to deliver their daily specials and upcoming events directly into the hands of the loyal guests who connect with them via the Hawser Inboxes app.

Hawser Inboxes guarantees delivery of every single post, update, special or upcoming event sent out on the Hawser network.

This is not for the people who "Like" you. This is for the fans who Love you...and don't want to miss a thing. 

Watch this short video to learn more.

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