Anonymous feedback tends to be more honest feedback. As an ENTERPRISE MEMBER you’ll have access to that feedback and be able to generate customizable reports that compare those guest perceptions of your establishment to those of other establishments in your market, in your category or both.


The more restaurants and dishes our members review, the better COURSE will be able to guide them through your menu and reliably recommend the items they’re most likely to enjoy.

As an ENTERPRISE MEMBER, you’ll have the opportunity to upload your menu(s) and profile information into our COURSE Restaurant Profile Form (or we’ll do it for $99 and then grant you access) in order to facilitate faster matches and more accurate guest data entries which, in-turn, feeds the Artificial Intelligence that matches even more prospective guests with your F&B outlet(s).

That means more guests, whose tastes match your restaurant’s offerings, driven directly to you more often.


When guests anonymously review your restaurant, bar, food truck or pop-up on COURSE, we’re able to collect all of their other anonymous visits, purchases and reviews and then aggregate that non-identifying data so that you can compare your outlet’s performance (within the context of your actual available market share based on specific & measurable consumer behavior) against others inside (and outside) of your particular concept, category or market.

For less than $2,500 a year, you’ll have access to COURSE’s AQR (Anonymous Quarterly Report) to see how guests are anonymously rating various aspects of your business vs your neighbors’, how frequently they’re dining out at various day parts versus how often they’re coming through your door and where they’re eating when they’re not dining with you.

That’s insight that can more than pay for itself.



When it comes to measuring performance, restaurant owners and operators rely on internal benchmarks based on past performance, investor expectations and industry-wide reports. While third party reports are based on data collected by companies selling hardware, merchant services and POS software, they aggregate business data on our $800b/year industry from information supplied to the U.S. Census Bureau... who may not always define revenue centers, use relevant guest data or understand your local demographics as well as a hands-on operator like you does.

Hotels can benchmark their F&B sales via paid Skift-style reports based on deep-diving research, surveys/interviews, analysis and forecasts or by employing e-tools specifically designed for the lodging industry (like STR reports); but those barometers only measure F&B sales on property in order to compare them against the performance of F&B outlets at other lodging properties.

Although those verticals provide a great deal of insight, they neglect the largest segment of actual direct competitors to that specific revenue center - where the same exact guests are spending most of their time and money i.e., off-property options that include other independent restaurants, food trucks, pop-ups, supermarkets, delis / convenience stores, etc... These are the outlets where guests not only spend money but, more importantly, reveal more of their preferences.

90% of hotel and home sharing guests find it appealing to receive a personalized service from the staff that is based on an understanding of their preferences and point them to relevant experiences or recommend excursions like where they might enjoy dining out.
— Oracle 2018 Customer Engagement & Loyalty Statistics


We make every dining experience more personal for the guest and we provide non-identifying data that’s more relevant for the operator.

The Enterprise version of COURSE opens the door to a wealth of never before seen anonymous data for any restaurant, bar or lodging operator who’s interested in knowing where, when and what their guests are eating.

extending the guest experience lifecycle hospitalityhelpline.com.png

If you’re an owner or operator who’s interested in providing a personalized concierge service to your guests that continues to provide value long after they’ve checked-out; COURSE can be integrated into your own app’s existing architecture in order to assist with extending your guest experience lifecycle and facilitate guests taking more ownership of your brand.

*Benchmarking: It’s the process of comparing and analyzing your performance against your competition’s…and that’s the cornerstone of revenue management.