Because providing the best GUEST service requires the ability to actually reach eACH & Every GUEST.



Regulars / VIPs and local concierge teams can now quickly view your nightly specials, secret & off-menu items, pop-ups and other exclusive upcoming events on-demand…without having to sacrifice their phone number, email address or social feed.

Link directly to your preferred delivery service app (like UberEats, Doordash, GrubHub or Caviar).

Share your RESY or OpenTable link.

Offer BOGOs or any other incentive to your VIPs for a fraction of the cost of other "Coupon" and "Loyalty" platforms.

Send Groupon-style discounts at-will & for no additional fees.

Provide a private and direct channel for guest complaints, concerns or questions.

Connect on a deeper level with your best guests by showcasing the causes that matter most to you and your team (whenever you support a Hawser Certified Nonprofit, that nonprofit's avatar and link appears on your profile).

Contact us today for a live demonstration.



You no longer need an ad, sponsored post, website or email blasts to keep your members in the loop with our guaranteed delivery of: important updates, timely event reminders & calendars, exclusive offers, valuable benefits, monthly newsletters and essential information available on-demand. 



Your real fans will never miss a beat. Whether it's a: new song, tour date, invite-only album release, last minute local gig, endorsement, street team or behind the scenes photo...you can deliver all band news directly to each and every fan who wants it instead of broadcasting it and hoping some of them catch it…or remember to check your social page regularly.



New products, exclusive sales, coupons and events have never been easier to share with your best customers...and you no longer have to manage a website, build an app or pay a fee to reach more of the people who already love and support what you're doing.

Provide a private and direct channel for guest complaints, concerns, requests or questions.

Use social media for attracting new customers...not for reaching the loyal core customer base you already have.



Connect directly with your most loyal supporters and allow them to directly connect with you. The bio section on your profile is a great place to give your 5 sec. elevator pitch.

Think of Hawser as the "Express Lane" for your donors.

Your Hawser account can serve as a 24hour fundraiser that doesn't require event space. 

Donating to a Hawser Certified Charity* is as easy and as instantaneous as dropping a $1 bill into an open guitar case.

We don’t take a cut of donations and we don’t charge a fee for our one-touch volunteer recruitment tool either. 



Offer your students a safe, ethical and productive media channel where every: update, event notification, newsletter, calendar, homework assignment or quiz is available on-demand...which means they no longer have to constantly check for updates with the fear of missing them.

The Hawser personal media network fosters off-line community building by ensuring the delivery of every single message to group members and because even group message replies are private; there's no chance anyone can hijack a conversation, troll or bully another member. 



Don't just broadcast your blogs, vlogs, podcasts, instructional videos or updates. Deliver them directly  to your biggest fans and/or paid subscribers via Hawser.

When you connect with your audience on Hawser, every single piece of content you send is guaranteed to be delivered, organized and available on-demand until they have the time to view it.  



Posting major events, tragedies, upcoming celebrations or one's medical status on social media doesn't ensure every family member is notified. Social media decides which posts are important enough to be delivered - and that decision is made by a computer whose #1 goal is to maximize shareholder returns.

Our 100% delivery rate ensures every important update gets through to every single member of your family circle... no matter how large.

And because our closed network provides a private exclusive connection with every account holder,  it's the safest & easiest way to share children's photos to a large number of recipients all at once - without having to broadcast them publicly.