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COURSE is like having a friend in every city (with a perfect memory) who gets to know you well enough to make solid dining recommendations whenever you want them. It doesn’t matter where the restaurants are located, how many other people like them or how much they spend on advertising because Course only recommends the restaurants specifically suited to your own personal taste and individual preferences.
— Josh Sapienza

Taste is personal; which is why, if you’re like most people, you occasionally struggle with deciding where to have dinner or grab a drink... especially when you’re traveling or learning your way around a new city.

In fact, an overwhelming majority of us turn to online reviews when trying to make such a decision.

But online reviews are not only tainted by bias, they’re bought and sold every day… which is why they’re not only unreliable, they’re often damaging as well.

So I asked myself - If any employee with an ax to grind can post a negative review, positive reviews are buried beneath the negative ones (unless the operator pays to play) and McDonald’s has 5 star ratings in almost every city across America…who’s really benefiting from these sites anyway? It’s neither the restaurants nor you.

That’s why my team and I set out to develop the world’s most personalized approach to restaurant recommendations.

We call it COURSE™️.

COURSE™️is a personal restaurant concierge service that eliminates public reviews and, instead, makes personalized dining recommendations by collecting, crowdsourcing and cross-referencing the most valuable opinions on the planet - yours.

Instead of analysing the broadcasted personal opinions of people you’ve probably never even met before...COURSE™️uses your own opinions to gradually learn what makes you happy and then compile a list of restaurant recommendations specifically suited to your own personal taste and individual preferences.

When you download the COURSE™️ app, you begin to develop your Personal Taste Profile™️ by answering questions about your likes & dislikes and by privately reviewing some of the restaurants you’ve already been to.

You can answer as many, or as few, of those questions as you’d like; but the more questions you answer ....and the more restaurants you privately review on COURSE™️ the more COURSE™️will be able to accurately predict which restaurants are your favorites... including the ones you haven't even tried yet.

COURSE™️is like having a friend in every city (with a perfect memory) who gets to know you well enough to make solid dining recommendations whenever you want them.

It doesn’t matter where a restaurant is located, how many other people like it or how much money they spend on advertising in a year because COURSE™️ doesn't just suggest the most popular restaurants according to reservation websites or the ones most highly rated by "elite critics".

This is a level of personalization that every one deserves and we’re offering it to not only better serve you - but to also level the playing field for smaller independent restaurants who might not be able to afford a location on Main Street or a social media management firm to help them “game” the system.

We’ll be launching the beta version of COURSE™️later this summer and really hope you’ll sign up to help us test the prototype.

If you do, your lifetime subscription to COURSE™️ is on us.

We’ll also be releasing more information about the enterprise version soon… but can tell you now: It’ll open the door to a wealth of anonymous data for any restaurant or hotel operator interested in benchmarking their food & beverage sales by taking a closer look at: where, when and what their guests are eating.


Josh Sapienza | Hawser Inc.



Up until now, discovering your favorite restaurants required either rolling the dice or following the crowd but... if your tastes happen to differ from the crowd's...or the local revered food critics' or even those of "Elite" Yelpers'"; COURSE collects, crowdsources and then cross-references private restaurant ratings and compares them with your own unique preferences and personal taste in order to make the world's most personalized recommendations.



COURSE is merging technology with hospitality in order to enhance guest experiences with predictive intelligence and AI.

Your personal restaurant concierge app is driven by personalization. That means we recognize and leverage the most valuable opinions on the planet - yours.

COURSE gradually gets to know your individual tastes and preferences in order to make the most reliable personalized recommendations for you wherever you are...or plan to be.



It's literally (and we don't take the word "literally" lightly) impossible to slam a restaurant on COURSE because your ratings are kept private instead of broadcasting them for the world to see.

Every rating is kept confidential and used productively in order to learn precisely what makes you happy.

The more you use COURSE, the more accurately it will be able to predict the places and menu items you’re most likely to enjoy.

The only person affected by negative ratings on this network, is the person giving the negative ratings since each person’s ratings affect their own pool of results when seeking recommendations. Looking for a soapbox? This aint it.



When you download COURSE by Hawser, you're presented with a series of brief questionnaires that help develop your Personal Taste Profile™. Your answers to these questions (in conjunction with your private restaurant ratings and reviews) help to feed the neural net algorithm which gradually learns more and more about your: likes, dislikes, expectations and even how willing you might be to try something new.

Answer as many (or as few) of these questions as you like but remember… the more information you provide, the better COURSE can serve you.

After formally launching to the general public, COURSE will be offered on a subscription basis because we believe it’s far better to buy a product or service than to be one.

In exchange for a nominal monthly fee, COURSE will provide you with a valuable 24/7 service that gets better and better the more you use it.

They say paying isn’t popular but paying for this service is what makes it possible for us to deliver an uncorrupted, agnostic, ad-free / spam-free experience while protecting your name and personal information from being sold or shared for: targeting and cross-promotional marketing, unwanted solicitations or leveraging your online activity to hold restaurants hostage.



Sometimes it’s hard for restaurants to get the word out and, ironically, many restaurant rating and review sites have a tendency to actually hurt good restaurants (and artificially inflate bad ones).

By keeping the reviews (and the reviewers) private, and preventing restaurants from advertising with us; COURSE is not only able to maintain the integrity of the data but is also able to mitigate the propensity for herd mentality which not only damages some restaurants’ reputations but jeopardizes the employment of those who work so hard to maintain it.

We’re eliminating the negative effects of pay-to-play platforms, fake reviews, purchased reviews and reviews by those who have an ax to grind…simply by taking all of that out of the COURSE equation altogether.

We don't think anyone’s opinion is more valuable than another’s. We don’t want bias or negativity to unduly influence people's opinions with pre-conceived notions or limit anyone's interest in trying something new.

Every one’s opinion matters. That’s why we're supporting diverse tastes here instead of selling the average person’s opinion or catering to the lowest common denominator.


COURSE is designed to provide a solution for people struggling with the decision of where to eat while catering to a level of personalization that everyone deserves.

Sign up now for the early access beta testing of COURSE and your membership, once we launch, is on us.