This might be a little tough to get used to at first because posts on Hawser don't have to be shared frequently, paid for or go viral in order to be seen by more people.

We'll deliver every single one of your most important updates to the every single one of your connections...and they'll stay in one place until the recipient has a chance to view them.

So go easy. We recommend limiting posts to one per week. 

Here's a short guide for you and your online inner-circle:



1. Ask your best friends, biggest fans and most loyal supporters to create a profile on Hawser & then search for yours (Via the magnifying glass at the top of the Home Screen).

If you are managing a Hawser account for an organization such as a: restaurant, bar, band, brand, charity, retailer, theater or concert venue - you can notify regulars in a number of ways: 

a.) Tell Them

b.) The invite a friend link

c.) Customized text on guest checks, receipts, etc.. 

d.) One of our invitations that can be easily copied & pasted on your website, pinned to your Facebook page, posted on a wall, taped to your register or presented with a check. 

         When choosing a 'Display Name', individuals are recommended to use their own name or an alias known by their inner circle                while businesses and organizations are recommended to use the name of their business / organization (or something closely                associated) to facilitate fans finding them more easily.

Once your friends find your profile on the Hawser app, they simply hit "connect". 

The bell icon at the top of your Home Screen will pulse when you have a connection requests or other important notification. If you're an organization with a large fan base, you can set your account to automatically accept connections under Settings so you don't end up with thousands of pending connection requests to answer. 

[ Go To Drop Down (Burger) > Profile > Edit Profile (Pencil) > Check Appropriate Box ]

2. Type a Message / Send a Photo or GIF / Share a Link or Video by touching the quotation box at the top of the app (or by selecting "Message" from someone's individual profile page).

3. Select each connection (or 'Select All') you'd like to receive your update and every single one of them will get it delivered as an individual message.



Unlike other platforms that stack and deliver chat chronologically in a feed, Hawser treats every text, photo, GIF or video link as an individual thread so that they can be organized by topic of conversation. Starting a new thread with every new thought or topic of conversation allows you to easily have multiple conversations simultaneously with the same person. Every comment or reply can be tagged directly to the corresponding message. 

This solves the problem encountered when trying to respond to someone who sends a series of unrelated questions or comments in rapid succession... and we all know someone like that. 



Instead of one message dragging multiple recipients along on a chain, every group message is sent as an individual message regardless of how many recipients you select.

We like to think of our "group messaging" as sending one message to an unlimited number of people simultaneously.

So, instead of every reply being broadcast to the entire group of recipients, you're the only one who sees any comments or replies to your update. 

*We are currently developing functionality that will allow messages, sent to all of your connections, to simultaneously post to your social media walls as well.



Whenever a connection posts an update to you (or to a group that includes you), it gets delivered to your home screen and "tagged" with the Sender's profile. Each message is represented by a segment of rope and held for you on-demand until you have time to view it. 

The segments of rope that appear beside each Sender's profile photo are visual notifications that you have an update / message from them. More segments of rope = more updates. Clicking on a specific segment of rope opens the corresponding update. 

New messages and replies are identified with a bright white segment of rope. Once you've seen the update, the segment of rope turns grey. 



Clicking on the three parallel lines (AKA in techanese: the "burger"), to the right of your message indicators, opens a thread summary with the most recently active thread on top.

The very first message that began a thread serves as that thread's summary or queue.



Clicking on a connection's name or photo will take you directly to their profile page.  

There, you can find links to their favorite: website(s), social media pages, Eventbrite tickets, auction page, blog, newsletter, Kickstarter, OpenTable or RESY account, online store...basically any website or social network they've decide to share with their connections.

You can share your favorite links too!

Just click the (+) symbol directly below your profile photo (under 'Settings' > 'Your Profile' > pencil icon > + ). 

Your profile also displays which Hawser Certified Nonprofit(s) you've supported.

When someone clicks on a charity's profile photo pinned to the bottom of your profile, they are taken directly to that respective nonprofit's profile page where they can quickly connect, donate or volunteer just like you. 



Anyone can create a free Hawser profile...but for those organizations seeking to collect donations and/or volunteers, Hawser Certified* status must be attained.

The pre-requisite for Certified status (and the additional functionality granted to those with that status) is that they must be a legitimate certified 501(c)(3) organization in good standing.

But the vetting process* doesn't end there. The application requires submitting additional information so that a third party independent accounting firm may verify: status of officers, agents, D&O insurance, tax returns that support annual reports and possibly conduct background checks on Directors / Executive Officers if D&O insurance has not been obtained.

*Hawser Certified status does not eliminate the possibility of misapplied funds or misrepresentations by third parties. These measures are in place to simply mitigate the chances of things like that ever happening.



If you're a charity with Certified Nonprofit* status, tell your: fans, friends, members and supporters that they can volunteer even the smallest amount of their time simply by touching the "Volunteer" button on your profile. Upon doing so, they will be asked if they are sure they want to join your Volunteers List. Once they click "YES" a pre-populated email is sent to your volunteer coordinator communicating their contact information and interest in helping out when there's an opportunity in their area.



We are preparing to launch "Self-Service Volunteer Scheduling" for

Hawser Certified Nonprofits.

Stay Tuned for Additional Information... 




Want to opt out of receiving updates from any individual or organization? Simply hit "DISCONNECT" on their profile and you're out.

Every exclusive connection on the Hawser network requires mutual approval. Hawser doesn't sell, share or display your personal information on the network and recommends you do the same so that once you disconnect from someone on this network there's no way for them to contact you again.

Choosing to communicate by: phone, email, text or existing social media apps leaves you vulnerable to unwanted contact because once someone has your address, phone number, handle or a few dollars to advertise - they can reach you.  

Hawser is the platform where you decide who gets through. Connections that require mutual approval prevents someone you've blocked from simply opening another account and contacting you from there.



Instead of businesses and brands targeting consumers, Hawser puts "targeting" in the hands of consumers by letting them "target" which businesses and organizations they want to hear from.

There are opportunities to sponsor Hawser Certified Nonprofits* and deliver ads in tandem with confirmation of a donation being received which allows for a level of personalization that has not existed up until now...but Hawser is not a "pay to play" media delivery service.

By letting people instead of algorithms or revenue dictate whose messages get through, we're able to ensure that everyone is on equal footing here. From the smallest local charity to the largest international brand.  

We get asked all the time: "If you don't monetize update delivery, how do you make money?". 

Since developing a monetization plan that alters the user experience down the road is simply not an option for us, we've developed a monetization plan from the very beginning that includes a unique approach to advertising and tiered versions of our platform that will increase in cost based on the number of connections you make.

Hawser Pro Versions & Add-On Features As In-App Purchases

Coming Fall 2017


Create an account today and YOU'LL never HAVE TO pay*.

*Early adopters of Hawser who create and maintain a profile prior to September 1, 2017 will enjoy unlimited connections at no cost for as long as they maintain an active account.