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by Hawser


On October 27th, 2017  we started building the ultimate digital dining companion.

Imagine an app that can create uniquely personalized restaurant recommendations for anyone based on their individual preferences and current location.

At Hawser, we're engineering your 6th sense by building the first ever restaurant-based neural net application.

And...for obvious reasons, we're calling it "6".

Instead of relying on the subjective opinions and personal feelings of people you've never even met before  - we thought it'd be refreshing to offer a deeper level of personalization when it comes to deciding on where to dine.

6 is not another "review app".

6 is a "recommendation app".

Here's a sneak peek of what we have in store for you:




It's literally (and we don't take the word "literally" lightly) impossible to slam a restaurant on 6 because reviews are not only anonymous - they aren't broadcasted for the world to see.

Instead, ratings are used, productively, to find the common ground that exists between diners and restaurants; then accurately predict the places they are most likely to enjoy.

The only person affected by trashing a restaurant on this network, is the person doing the trashing - since their negative opinions will only affect their own pool of results when they search for local recommendations.



6 merges technology with hospitality in order to enhance the guest experience with predictive intelligence

Our ratings and recommendations are driven by collecting and cross-referencing the most valuable opinions on the planet - yours.

6 will gradually get to know you and your individual tastes in order to produce the most reliable personalized recommendations for you wherever you are.



Up until now, discovering a great restaurant required rolling the dice or following the crowd...but if your tastes happen to differ from the crowd's, the local revered food critic's or even "Elite" Yelpers' ;  6 will take your unique preferences into account and calculate which dining establishments are most compatible with your (or your group's) tastes...including the places you might not haven't even tried yet.



When you download 6 by Hawser, you're asked to complete a Tasting Notes Questionnaire in order to start feeding the neural net algorithm which, over time, learns more and more about your: likes, dislikes, expectations and even how willing you might be to try something new.



Broadcasting reviews tends to corrupt them.

Ironically, many restaurant rating and review sites have a tendency to actually hurt restaurants. 

By simply keeping the reviews (and the reviewers) anonymous, 6 is not only able to maintain the integrity of the review but it's also able to mitigate the propensity for herd mentality /  someone to assume that they wouldn't like a restaurant if a significant number of other people don't it first.

We believe in and celebrate the diversity of people within every community and didn't want to create another platform where the majority rules.

We don't want to influence or manipulate people's behavior. We simply see multiple ways for people who are struggling with the decision of where to eat - to benefit without catering to the lowest common denominator and creating waste (or insult) in the process.

Guests can already connect directly with their favorite restaurants on HawserApp...and soon, they'll be able to discover which others are likely to satisfy their individual tastes.


Want to track our progress or be onE of our Beta Testers?