In addition to his serving as Chief Technology Officer at Hawser; Bruce is also a senior "Full-Stack" software engineer with, a Nokia company.  He specialties in JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Angular JS, JQuery, Java, C# and Scala with an emphasis on User Interface. Hartman brings over 25 additional years of development experience to the table. His love of learning new languages and technologies paired with his “it can be done” mantra adds to the invaluable synergy at Hawser.

Bruce has demonstrated an ability to successfully navigate grueling problem solving with intuitive debugging skills at a variety of industry leading global enterprises including: AT&T Bell Laboratories, Alcatel - Lucent, HERE, Panduit, Westell, FirstLook Systems and MAX Systems.

As a Senior Front-end Engineer Bruce has worked on many projects utilizing various technologies including: all portions of Firstlook's Web Portal, front-end (HTML, CSS, JSP, JSTL, Javascript and Jquery),. Java stacks, web portals, .NET C# stacks as well as SQL Server stored procedures. 

At Westell, Bruce designed and developed the Homecloud platform SDK, the Web-based controller, as well as various other application web pages using: Java, Felix oSGI, HTML, CSS, Javascript, JQuery, JQuery UI and several JQuery UI plugins. 

Bruce takes a long-view approach to development and places emphasis on the sort of efficiency and straight-forward execution that only day-long thoughtstorming sessions can facilitate.