Will you help us test COURSE™ the personal restaurant concierge service by Hawser?

It’s time for a new kind of review platform…but we can’t deliver one without your help.

Are You Ready For Your Very Own Personal Restaurant Concierge?

More enjoyable guest experiences begin with more personalized ones.

That’s why we’re building an app that could generate uniquely personalized restaurant recommendations for anyone based on their own specific individual preferences and current geo location.

"COURSE is not a platform for opinions to be shared publicly. It’s designed to act as a friend, in every city, who knows you well enough to make solid recommendations.

- Josh Sapienza

Instead of relying on the subjective feelings and personal opinions of people you've probably never even met before  - we thought it was about time for a more practical approach to helping people decide where to eat.

We needed to provide an alternative to the review and ratings apps that are designed to extract advertising $$$ from restaurant owners.

We wanted to mitigate the trend of a restaurant rating becoming just another commodity and realized that publicly sharing them was what served that end more than it helped diners make better decisions.

Hawser’s solution is to personalize restaurant recommendations by utilizing technology creatively and humanely in order to build an AI system that acts as a concierge, with a perfect memory, in every city who remembers your every like and every dislikes in order to effectively match you with restaurants in the area.

So we decided to employ predictive intelligence and crowdsource confidential ratings in order to offer the world’s most personalized dining recommendations.

The more you use COURSE™, the more it will get to know your individual tastes & unique preferences so that, over time, it yields more and more reliable restaurant recommendations.

Here's a sneak preview of what we have in store for you:



Up until now, discovering your favorite restaurants required rolling the dice or following the crowd but... if your tastes happen to differ from the crowd's, the local revered food critics' or even those of "Elite" Yelpers'";  COURSE will take your unique preferences into account and calculate which dining establishments are most compatible with your own tastes...including those restaurants you may not have even tried yet.



COURSE is merging technology with hospitality in order to enhance every member’s guest experience with predictive intelligence

Your personal restaurant concierge will be driven by confidentially collecting, crowdsourcing and cross-referencing the most valuable opinions on the planet - yours.

COURSE will gradually get to know you and your individual tastes in order to produce the most reliable personalized recommendations for you (or your group) wherever you are...or plan to be.



It'll literally (and we don't take the word "literally" lightly) be impossible to slam a restaurant on COURSE because your ratings are kept private instead of being broadcast for the world to see.

Your opinions will be kept confidential and used productively in order to find the common ground that exists between diners in our network and every restaurant on the planet.

The more you use COURSE, the more accurately it will be able to predict the places and menu items you’re most likely to enjoy.

The only person affected by negative ratings on this network, is the person giving the negative ratings - since each person’s ratings affect their own pool of results when seeking recommendations.



When you download COURSE by Hawser, you'll be asked to take a series of brief questionnaires that help to develop your Personal Taste Profile™ in order to start feeding the neural net algorithm which, over time, learns more and more about your: likes, dislikes, expectations and even how willing you might be to try something new.

Answer as few or as many as you like but remember…the more information you provide to COURSE the better it can serve you.

After the initial launch, COURSE will be offered on a subscription basis because we believe you should buy a product or service as opposed to becoming one. In exchange for a nominal monthly fee, COURSE will provide a valuable service instead of: selling your name and personal information to advertisers, soliciting advertising space to you, targeting you for unwanted cross-promotional marketing or force other spam in your face.



Sometimes it’s hard for restaurants to get the word out and, ironically, many restaurant rating and review sites have a tendency to actually hurt good restaurants (and artificially inflate bad ones).

By keeping the reviews (and the reviewers) private, COURSE is not only able to maintain the integrity of the data but is also able to mitigate the propensity for herd mentality.

We’re eliminating the negative effects of fake reviews, purchased reviews and reviews by those who have an ax to grind…simply by taking them out of the equation altogether.

We don't want bias or negativity to unduly influence people's opinions with pre-conceived notions or limit anyone's interest in trying something new.

We're supporting diverse tastes here.

COURSE is designed to provide a solution for people struggling with the decision of where to eat while catering to a level of personal preference that everyone deserves.

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